New Build – A Seamless Process


We begin our work with you by consulting with your land permit and learning of your overall expectations whether it be a refurbishment to your villa or a new property development.

We provide you a free architectural overview of your project that could be a renovation, addition or new build, along with a quotation for the architectural aspect of the project.

Once you have accepted our architectural quotation we create and enter into an agreement followed by providing structural and (MEP) mechanical, engineering and plumbing drawings and one 3-D architectural image of the project. Finally, we prepare an actual quotation for your project along with an agreement to “go-ahead.”

With a signed agreement we are ready to get underway. At this stage we bring our teams together and create a project file and flow chart with specific milestones to expect and then begin working. Note: we offer clients payment installments while the project is underway.

The last step is our close inspection process and sign off within the Ahimsa Guaranteed Service Time (AGST). Once the project meets the mutual satisfaction of the client and Ahimsa (after AGST), the client makes the final payment on the project.