New Build – A Seamless Process


We begin our work with you by learning from your overall expectations to your property development, learn about your budget, review any existing plans, prefered time line for completing the Construction, with site inspection.

Architectural Drawing

Our team will create detailed architectural drawings to visualise your design concepts.
We’ll use the architectural drawings to ensure that all structural and design elements are accurately implemented. Our architects will collaborate with you to refine the architectural drawings to meet your preferences.


Accurate budgeting will help us avoid unexpected expenses and keep the project on track. We will provide a detailed cost estimate based on your project’s specifications and requirements. It’s important to allocate a portion of the budget for contingencies and unforeseen issues. Our goal is to optimise the budget without compromising on quality or safety.

Project Schedule

Project schedule will include specific deadlines for tasks and deliverables. Regular updates to the project schedule will help us track progress and address any delays. A well-planned project schedule is essential for maintaining efficiency and staying on budget.

Ready to Move In

As we near completion, we will prepare for the project handover to ensure a smooth transition. The process will include a final walkthrough and inspection to confirm all work is completed to your satisfaction. During the handover, we will provide you with all necessary documentation and warranties.